Bulk DIABETIC Dog Treat Pieces ~ FINAL SALE ITEM ~ (these are broken cookie pieces)

Weight: 5 pound BULK bag Diabetic BROKEN treats - by Old Dog Cookie Company


Looking to save even more on our larger size diabetic dog bones?  

All Natural ~ No added sugar ~ Herbal Based ~Promotes Wellness ~ Vet Approved ~Made in the USA ~ Small Batch Baking ~

  • What is our Bulk offering?  Please see our blog on how our bulk products save you money. 
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Old Dog Cookie Company's Diabetic Dog Treats are shipped and packaged in house right from our location. Due to our products natural ingredients it is common for our cookies to break in transit from oven to our packaging site. To ensure happy customers we hand pick out these "broken" cookie pieces. We have now decided to minimize our waste and sell these broken cookies pieces at a discounted price! We will continue to sell these discounted cookie pieces as long as we can, but availability can change with different shipments to our packaging site. So get them while you can!  If item is not available - CHECK BACK.  We will continuously update the availability of this item.

Ingredients: Stone ground whole wheat flour, oats, alfalfa, unsweetened applesauce, pumpkin, brewers yeast, kelp, garlic, dandelion root, cider vinegar, water

Nutritional Information:

Serving Size: Serve in place of other treats                                                                        Protein (Min) 10%, Fat (Min) 1%, Fiber (Max) 7%, Moisture (Max) 20%, Salt (Max) 0.5%

  • Cookie product is the EXACT same as our full sized Diabetic Dog Treats ~ visit this page to learn more about these cookies (CLICK HERE!)

Shipping Information:

Shipping prices are based on weight.  Please see our SHIPPING and RETURN page and FAQ page for more information on shipping and common questions.  Shipping charges will be applied at checkout.  


  • Pieces are broken into various shapes and sizes ~ "RUFF" edges on some broken pieces (but can be further broken)
  • Calorie count may vary per piece since all pieces vary in size (1 large whole cookie is 16 calories per cookie)
  • This is a FINAL SALE item - NO RETURNS
  • NOT available in our TINY Diabetic treats 
  • Maximum of 10lbs PER ORDER - If an order of over 10 pounds is placed we will credit you and only ship a max of 10 pounds.  We have limited quantities to offer and want to give all our clients the chance to purchase this product.  


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