Miss WooOur interest in dog health care was the primary reason the Old Dog Cookie Company was started. It was our love and concern for our own pet that motivated us to make our cookies available to you.

We get LOTS of questions! There are no bones about it, we are here to help answer questions about our cookies as well as about our experience with both a diabetic dog and dog with arthritis. We have compiled some of the most commonly as.  ked questions we have received over the years.  Our hope is that this information along with our treats makes the process of caring for a dog with arthritis or diabetes just a little easier for both human and pup!


How can I save on your treats?

1. Consider purchasing in BULK.  If you know your dog enjoys Old Dog Cookie  treats, our BULK products offer about a 30% savings.  Please see our blog to learn more: "What is bulk".  We offer a 2 pound Bulk option for our TINY diabetic treats.  NOTE: 2 pounds is the same weight as 32 ounces or (4) 8 ounce single bags.  We also offer a 5 pound BULK option on our DIABETIC and ARTHRITIS treats.  NOTE: 5 pounds is the same weight as 80 ounces or (8) 10oz single bags.  If you are wondering how long our treats last see our FAQ below "what is the shelf life of your treats"

2. If you prefer to purchase our 8 oz or 10oz bags use the code: BUY6SAVE if purchasing 6 or more bags.  This is a 10% off code.  This discount is valid all year!

3. Stock up during our Black Friday-Cyber Monday sale.  This sale is offered once a year only.  Subscribe to receive our newsletter or like us on Social Media to receive more information.  Emails go out about a month before and on the morning of the sale.  If would like to "stock up" for your dog but are wondering about the self life of our treats, please see FAQ below about the shelf life of our treats.

4. Consider becoming a fan of the month.  For more information please email us at info@olddogcookie.com for more information.  Old Dog appreciates our fan and provides a "treat" to them!!! 


I see that garlic is listed as an ingredient.  I thought garlic was bad for my dog?

Garlic in small amounts helps to reduce blood sugar and stimulate the digestive system  If your dog were to ingest large amounts of garlic (many, many cloves at once) that would not be appropriate.  We use a small amount of garlic in our treats as it can aid as a natural antiseptic, garlic also helps aid in digestive and urinary health.  Our treats were made with the consultation of a vet.  We have been selling them for 20+ years and: give them to our own dogs.  Many canine eye practices carry our products for their diabetic clients and we have helped thousands of canines over the years.  

What flavor is your treat?

Our treats are not “flavored” like many other treats.  We only wanted to add natural ingredients and herbs known to promote better health in adult dogs. Most dogs like our cookies, but like with anything new we suggest trying just 1 package to start!

Do you make a soft treat?

We do not.  Our treats are made hard for a few reasons.  For most dogs a hard treat is actually good for their teeth. A softer treat would also require adding some type of preservative, something we don’t think our (diabetic) pet owners want!!  If your dog has teeth issues we do suggest looking into our TINY treats.  All our treats can be broken up into at least halves.  Some have found crushing into small pieces also works or even soaking in water.

My dog was just diagnosed with diabetes, why does my dog all of a sudden seem to be a picky eater?

Keep in mind that a lot has changed for your dog. Their food and maybe treats have all been taken away and replaced.  Depending on what food and treat options have been given to your dog prior, this change might be extremely hard.  Consider how you might feel and understand they need some time and patience to adjust.  Some dogs might turn their nose at their new foods and treats, but often if given time they will come around. Give your dog a chance and some time with both their new food and new treats!

How many calories are your treats and how many come in a package? 

Our Arthritis and Diabetic Treats are 16 Calories per treat.  Our TINY diabetic Treats are 2 calories each. Our 10oz packages contain about 40 cookies and our 8oz packages of TINY TREATS contain about 225 cookies.

How many treats should I give my dog a day?  

When in doubt always consult your vet.  A reasonable guideline is 2-3 treats/day.  Keep in mind these are treats and are should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet. No more than 10% of your dog’s daily calories should come from treats. So moderation is key!  We provided our dog with her diabetic cookie when she received her insulin shot.  Her treat seemed to make the process a bit easier on both her and us...a WIN WIN!  Please see our blog "Give a dog a bone" where we cover this topic further for further information.

Are these treats only for senior dogs or dogs with diabetes or arthritis? 

NO!  Sound nutrition should always include your dog’s treats and prevention is the key to a lifelong healthy dog.  A low calorie treat is a healthy option for ANY dog at ANY age, so it’s never too soon to start your dog on Old Dog Cookies!  

What is the shelf life of your treats? 

Our treats are made in small batches and shipped fresh!  Treats should be stored in a cool, dry location. They can even be stored right in the packaging they are shipped in!!  People ask us, "if I store them in the freezer will they last longer?"  Our answer is NO.  It's not necessary and in fact when defrosting might get soggy.  You do want to avoid humid conditions and moisture getting into the bag.  Again, if stored in a cool, dry pantry our treats will stay fresh for 12 plus months!!

Why are there carbohydrates in your (diabetic) treats? 

Again, our treats are NOT designed or promoted as the primary source of nutrition for any dog.  They are a HEALTHY TREAT providing ingredients known to help diabetic dogs and dogs with arthritis.  The major source of your dog’s diet should come from animal protein. However, this does not exclude the benefits derived from some grains added to fruit, vegetables, and herbs that are the basis for our products.  Dogs do need some carbs for energy, proper digestion, stool formation and proper functioning of the thyroid. For further information please read out BLOG titled "Are grains and Carbohydrates bad for my diabetic dog".

Do these cookies cure arthritis or diabetes?

No, they will not.  The ingredients we have selected help treat the symptoms and underlying causes of these illnesses.  Arthritis and Diabetic pets require regular vet care, exercise as well as a healthy diet.

My dog has both diabetes and arthritis, should I purchase both of your treats?

NO!  Our Arthritis cookies do contain honey, which has natural healing and energy qualities but is not good for a diabetic dog.  Since many of our diabetic dogs are older we considered that in making our diabetic cookies.  We carry over a few of the same ingredients, one being alfalfa which is a natural anti-inflammatory. Alfalfa also contains minerals to grow or regenerate bones and connective tissues. So if you dog is both diabetic and has arthritis we have your pup covered with just the diabetic cookies!

Where can I purchase your treats? 

We offer our 10oz diabetic and arthritis treats and our 8oz Tiny Treats on Amazon.com.  We also sell all our products direct on our Old Dog Cookie Company site.  Our 5 pound Bulk Bags and 2 Pound Bulk Bags (discount products) are ONLY available from Old Dog Cookie direct!!!  We personally package all those for higher quality control.  If ordering from Amazon we encourage you to sign up for Amazon Smile and maybe choose a dog charity of your choice where proceeds of your purchase will help another canine! https://smile.amazon.com

Do you offer samples to try? 

If your dog is newly diabetic we suggest starting with (1) small bag of our 10oz or 8oz treats.  We also now offer a new product: our HEALTHY HOUND STARTER POUCH.  This bundle does offer 2 ounce sample sizes of our Diabetic larger size bones and our Tiny Diabetic bones.  Sample bags not sold separately.  Most dogs do like our treats, but of course just like humans, they are all different with different likes and dislikes.  It's impossible to please every single canine out there (and owner).  Again, if your dog is newly diabetic and you have had to change their food and treats they might not be so quick to eat our treats (or any diabetic treat for that matter) or their new diabetic food.  Some dogs just need some time to adjust to a new diet (as we humans would too!).  Once our product is opened we do not take it back.  We will gladly take back anything that's unopened, and this is stated on our shipping & returns page.  We have many positive reviews on our site along with many Old Dog fans and testimonials from vets which we hope will help with your purchasing decision.  

When will my product arrive?

Old Dog Cookie Company ships via UPS Ground and USPS Priority and Ground service and we reserve the right to choose the carrier of our choice at the time of the order.  For further information on shipping you see our shipping page: https://olddogcookie.com/pages/shipping-and-returns

As a general rule our smaller weight orders typically ship using USPS Priority or Ground Mail and will arrive in 2-3 business days.  Our larger orders (bulk orders) may ship UPS Ground or USPS Ground and might take 2-4 business days.  We ship from Wells, Maine.  Remote shipping locations and West Coast locations could take 4-5 business days for your order to arrive.   If you are trying our product for the first time and just ordering a single 8 ounce or 10 ounce bag, you may want to consider ordering from Amazon as they have warehouse locations all over the country often resulting is quicker delivery times.

We know LOTS of customers with diabetic dogs give our treats to their dogs when they are administering their insulin shots, so we understand the importance of having treats on hand.  If you are in a situation where you need treats ASAP please keep in mind the above and if necessary consider ordering a bag on Amazon (again, as they have warehouse facilities all over the US).  We will ALWAYS ship your order to you using the fastest carrier based on shipping charged, order weight, shipping location and which carrier has already picked up for the day.  If you prefer we use a certain carrier please contact us in advance to see if that's possible.  

PLEASE NOTE: during the holiday seasons it's possible that your package might take longer to arrive.  We suggest you plan accordingly if your dog expects treats after shots, etc.  Although at Old Dog Cookie. Co. we process orders very quickly we can not control the time it takes for a package to arrive once it leaves our site.  Please be understanding and appreciative of all the delivery people out there working to deliver get the millions of packages that are shipped in our country daily.

 What if my package did not arrive or has arrived and I don't see it?

With all of our orders tracking information is sent.  Please understand there can be delays out of our control.  Holiday season is extra busy and shipping can take longer.  If your package has shipped via USPS and there seems to be a problem sometimes calling your local Post Office is the fastest way to get information or help (it's what we would do).  At Old Dog we will work to find the package or get further information from our carrier about the package.  This can sometimes take 24-48 hours.  If a package is truly lost we will of course replace it.  We have had situations where a package was delivered and the customer "did not receive it".  Often we have found a neighbor brought the package in (due to weather) or another family member.  Sometimes checking with those around you first can help too.  We are always here to help and our email is : info@olddogcookie.com   Having your order number is helpful.

I would like to purchase a Gift Card? 

Old Dog Cookie Company does offer Gift Cards.  We have made them into amounts of $21,$45, $80 and $100.  These amounts TOTAL our most popular items with shipping included.  For example 1 bag of our 8oz/10oz treats is $12.00 and shipping is $8.00 which makes a gift card amount of $20 is the perfect small gift for your dog lover!   Our gift cards delivered to the buyer electronically.  You can print off the "gift card" for your recipient or you can email them the card.  Our gift cards DO NOT work on Amazon or any other site.  They will only work directly on www.olddogcookie.com.  Gift cards not used in full can be redeemed for the remainder amount at a later time.  If you are looking for a amount not listed we are happy to see about meeting your needs.  Please email us at info@olddogcookie.com