Arthritis Satisfied Customers

"We have an 11 year lab called Titan whom we think is one of the most amazing dogs in the world. We're originally from South Africa so we got Titan in Johannesburg when he was just 8 weeks old. I am an attorney with a multinational company so in 2011 we relocated with my Company to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Titan came along with us and enjoyed the fun in he sun and sand dunes there...Early 2015, we relocated to New Jersey, USA where we currently live. Again Titan (obviously part of our family) came along with us...He now enjoys the Garden State...Titan has also travelled to Oman and to The Netherlands. Titan has always been in good health, but recently he developed joint issues and unfortunately had a situation where he had a slipped disc. Titan underwent a 4 hour surgery and against all odds is making an amazing recovering. A colleague suggested we give him Old Dog Cookies so I got them and he loves them. True to my colleagues words Old Dog Cookies is making a big different. Titan is feeling so much betterr , he has stronger mobility and appears very happy. Titan is very special to us...We have 2 sons who are 15 and 12 years old. Titan has helped us make sweet memories across 3 countries. On a personal note, Titan has brought healing to challenges associated with Epilepsy and Asperger's Syndrome. He is our best friend who knows the song of our heart and sings it back to us when we forget the words. Thank you Old Dog Cookies for making our best friend happy!” ~ Nev, Randolph, NJ









"This 14 year old girl is Poppy.  She came to live with us last year after my father-in-law passed away. I knew she had been diagnosed with arthritis so we gave the Arthritis Relief Cookies a try.  She thinks these are the best thing invented since carrots – her former favorite treat.  These tasty cookies are a huge hit with her.  I like that the cookies are a natural treat, but more importantly Poppy tells me they are delicious.  On top of that, her joint stiffness seems much improved since snacking on these cookies.  She definitely has more spring in her step these days.  Oops – she’s almost out of cookies.  Time to order another 5 pound box.  I just love the convenience of ordering in bulk!"
~ Amy, Hopkinton, MA







"Sadie just loves the arthritis cookies.  She gets 2 a day; one in the morning and one in the evening.  She is 7 years old and has lymes.  After taking her round of antibiotics this past spring, she still seemed to be somewhat stiff in her back legs when she would get up.  Since arthritis problems can develop from lymes, I researched the internet to find some type of good natural product to be able to give her to help with the arthritis.  I found your website and decided to give the cookies a try.  I ordered the bulk size.  Since she started eating them, she seems to have more energy, stands up quicker and is more alert.  She runs around now like a puppy again. My daughter has shown Sadie at our County Fair Dog Show every year. We were not sure if we would be able to show her this summer because of her arthritis symptoms.  But now after seeing how well she is doing with your cookies, my daughter is looking forward to showing her again this summer. I will continue to buy these wonderful cookies." ~ Cheryl, Arkdale, WI


"I'm Casey and my mom tells me I'm a very special 11 yr. old Yellow Lab. She says I was born with Hip Dysphasia and developed Osteoarthritis, whatever that means. All I know is my body hurts a lot. I get medicine every day, but I also eat special foods, supplements and Chinese Herbs to reduce inflammation. I love to eat, but some of the stuff mom puts in my bowl even I won't touch! Now we both get excited at "treat time" all because of Old Dog Arthritis Cookies. They are so yummy and make me feel younger too. We think Drakes Island Jetty will always be a special "Old Dog" like me. Thanks Old Dog Cookies!" ~ Kalle, Santa Barbara, CA




"A couple of months ago, my dog Max had a terrible flare-up of arthritis. I took him to the vet who prescribed medication which helped relieve the pain somewhat. Watching him attempt to walk was heartbreaking—he could barely move from one resting place to another. My mother went online to find out if there were some sort of natural treats we could give him to help him with the arthritis. She came upon your website, and I am soooooo ecstatic to say that since he’s been eating your treats, he is back to his old self! It’s amazing what a turnaround he has made. He isn’t even taking medication anymore! Max"
~ Olivia, Titusville, FL



"Rudy loves his new cookies, and has lost 6 LBs in 4 weeks on his way down to 75 lb. He currently weighs 95 LB. We had no idea those other doggie bone snacks had so many calories." ~ Bob, Chandler, AZ