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 As a small business we don't have a budget for advertising or flashy marketing campaigns.  Instead we believe in the quality of our product and have left the rest up to our customers.  It's our customers who have shared their experiences with our products through word of mouth to other pet owners, vets, magazines and even blogs.  See some of the latest articles or blogs our products have been mention in.  

THE VILLAGE - April 2020 by Shelley Wigglesworth (page 15-16)

"All Natural, herbal based nutrient rich, vet approved and made in the USA

 THE 6 BEST DIABETIC DOG TREATS FOR 2020  by Rover.com - December 2019 

"What you feed your diabetic dog will play a huge role in their health and management of their illness and associated symptoms. You want to do everything you can to keep your dog healthy, stabilize their blood sugars, and manage the disease. A huge part of that comes down to diet, including special treats."

THE 5 BEST DIABETIC TREATS FOR 2020 by Doggiefetch.com "Dog Food and Treats, Great Products"

 "The Old Dog Cookie Company has been making special treats for special dogs for over 20 years. Actually, they even sell their products to vets because they’re such a trusted brand. These diabetic dog treats are made with all-natural, herbal-based ingredients. No additives, chemicals, dyes, or by-products are in this product."

PETXU  -"Dog Diabetes, Treats: Choosing safe treats for your diabetic dog"  - August 30, 2019

"In addition, the treat must also be hard for your dog to chew and digest in a longer time. This helps to maintain a safe blood sugar level of your dog. On the other hand, soft treats can spike blood sugar easily, because they enter the system rather fast than hard treats."

TOPDOGTIPS - "Which dog treats do veterinarians recommend and why?" January 2017

"Specialized vet recommended dog treats - Old Dog Cookie Company Arthritis and Diabetic treats"

 THE BARK BUZZ.COM "The best Diabetic dog Food Brands" 

"Old Dog Cookie Company - Pro's:

 ALL ABOUT BICHON FRISES.COM - "Dog Diabetes - best foods for diabetic dogs - Old Dog Cookie Company"

"Your dog is most likely to be a diabetic dog if: