Our Dogs

From Our Dogs to Yours

Our treats are made with our own dogs in mind.  We’re animal lovers and believe in only making products we’d feed our own pets.

Meet the “Old Dogs”


JETTY ~ Outdoors lover, food lover, diabetic, and our Original Chief Taste Tester

Jetty is where our story began. She loved everything about the outdoors; playing ball, running on the beach and swimming. She played hard! That led us to develop an herbal-based treat to support proper joint function. Jetty loved food and took well to her new role in our company – Chief Taste Tester. At the age of 11, she developed diabetes. Having a treat that met her health needs made managing her diabetes easier for our family.  Jetty lived  an amazing 16 years, 7 of those with diabetes.  Jetty was a friend to all and is still greatly missed.


Jettys "Spirit"

Jetty’s “SPIRIT" ~ Escape artist, shell eater, loves to cuddle, and early morning riser!

Spirit starts her day very early with breakfast and a morning walk. At 13, she has the title of “Old Dog” and CTT; Chief Taste Tester. Spirit suffers from joint issues and our Arthritis Relief treats keep her going.  She may seem slow but don’t let that fool you. If you are not watching her, she is bound to escape to the beach and say hi to some friends, dig a whole, and maybe eat a crab or shell before returning home!  

Spirit passed away at a good old age of 14 on August 10, 2021.  She will remain forever in our hearts.  We know many of you have lost a pet and it's very hard.  We still miss Spirit every day and remember her with this Blog tribute: Memories of Spirit


 OLIVE ~ expert swimmer, likes her routine, hates thunder, is the perfect office mate and enjoys an early walks on the beach with her pals!

 Olive is an 12 year old Black Lab.  She is happiest at the beach and there is nothing a good roll in the soft sand will not cure!! Olive has had 3 ACL surgeries so Old Dog Arthritis Relief treats are a daily MUST!!  Olive is stubborn when it comes to walking, only wanting to go in her direction of choice.  She is patient with our young ones, kind hearted, and truly one of the best pack dogs out there!


LOLA ~ is our chief rodent chaser.  She believes her job is find bones and relocate them.  Lola loves to greet our shipping carriers and she is the perfect Old Dog model for our website and social media sites!  She's sassy and cute!

Lola is a 3 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgie . Lola spends much of her time crying at the door to go outside so she can chase something or dig. It’s a good thing we make TINY treats as they are a vital part of Lola’s adolescent training. Lola LOVES food!  It's a good thing our Tiny Treats are 2 calories each as they help Lola keep her girlish figure. When Lola is not playing with friends or chasing a squirrel she can be found sleeping or resting on her back, legs completely in the air cooling off from her double Corgi coat!


MOXIE ~ Moxie is our kisser, excited to play and meet anyone that comes to our door.  Moxie can jump like no ones business.  Her favorite time of the day is break time so she can play!

Moxie just had her 2nd birthday!  She's a Black Lab full of sillyness and so eager to please.  Moxie is still in training and has a lot to learn from her Old Dog colleagues.  Luckily, TINY treats are the perfect reward for good behavior. Like most puppies, she is curious to explore (and sniff) the world around her. Moxie has a bounce in her step and loves leaping over snowbanks or through the ocean waves.  She has a big heart, loves to give kisses and have belly rubs and long cuddles.  We can't wait to follow Moxie on her "Old Dog" adventures!


 ROSIE (Rosa Rugosa) ~ Our newest Old Dog member.  Rosie came to us in October 2022.  Rosie is sweet, hates her crate, loves the bed, is a little sneaky, and loves to play.  

Rosie is a year and half and we rescued her from New England Lab and Rescue.  Read all about her story in our latest BLOG.  Rosie is already a fan of our Arthritis and Diabetic Treats and like our other newer Old Dogs she still has a lot of training ahead of her.  She's working on being a nice meet and greeter and playing nicely with all her new cousins.  Rosie has some leash work ahead of her too!  We love her already and also can't wait to follow her journey as part of the Old Dog Cookie Company.

Our Old Dog office is pretty busy these days with lots of toys and paw prints to clean up.  It's never lonely or quite and there is always someone waiting for us with a joyful heart!  

We love to share our Old Dogs with you and hope you will share yours back with us.  Lola is always looking for a break from the camera and would love to share the spotlight.  If you would like to share a photo and story and of your dog please email us at  info@olddogcookie.com