Arthritis Relief Dog Treats

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Old Dog Cookie Company developed Arthritis Relief Dog Treats when our dog Jetty developed signs of arthritis.  By supplementing her diet with treats containing herbs, vitamins, minerals and essential elements known to build strong joints and relieve inflammation, Jetty was her playful self again. Alfalfa is an anti-inflammatory used to reduce the discomforts of arthritis. Proper amounts of vitamin C are necessary for good adrenal function, without them Jetty couldn’t make enough cortisone, resulting in arthritic symptoms. That’s why pure applesauce is in our cookies. Honey is added to promote energy, healing and for its natural antiseptic qualities. Each ingredient has a specific purpose in our cookies…all to help support a healthier life for our dog and all the dogs in our Old Dog Cookie family.

These dog treats promote wellness by combining herbs and natural ingredients known to help maintain optimal joint function and relieve stiffness.

Ingredients: stone ground whole wheat flour, oats, alfalfa,  unsweetened applesauce, honey, kelp, brewers yeast, kelp, raspberry leaf, cider vinegar and water.

Nutritional Info
Serving Size: Serve in place of other treats
Protein (Min) 10%, Fat (Min) 1% (Max) 2%, Fiber (Max) 5%, Moisture (Max) 15%, Salt 

NOTE: NOT for diabetic dogs (as they contain honey).  If your diabetic dog has arthritis please purchase our diabetic treats.  Our diabetic treats also contain alfalfa which is a natural anti-inflammatory.

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