Our Story


Jetty, our eight year old pup, developed joint issues and arthritis. This was the beginning of our research into canine nutrition. Working with the veterinary community, we developed an herbal based treat to support proper joint function and help with her symptoms of arthritis. Our journey with Jetty led us to believe that quality natural and organic ingredients combined with gental healing herbs would give her a better life...and it did. 

At age 11, Jetty developed diabetes as a result of lyme’s disease.  We were already making diabetic cookies and these helped in stabilizing her blood sugar levels and provided a reward following insulin shots. She shared over 16 wonderful years with our family…..walking Maine’s beaches everyday and swimming in our cold Atlantic waters.

We believe that all dogs should have healthy treats.  Our treats have NO artificial preservatives, colors or flavors.  They are made in small batches in the USA with the same high standards that we want in our foods.

In 2004, shortly after her sweet 16, Jetty’s story ended.  Today, Jetty’s “Spirit” is our “Old Dog” and Chief Taste Tester.  Spirit continues to demand only the best and highest quality treats.  Spirit and her BFF Olive (our daughter’s black lab) have had numerous shoulder and knee (ACL) surgeries over the years.  Our Arthritis Relief Treats keep them both enjoying Maine life; swimming, playing ball, and digging in the sand. 

That’s our story!  Our dogs are sure your pup will enjoy our cookies as much as they do. Meet Our Dogs>

Bon Appetite!

Jef and Jetty