Veterinarian Testimonials

“We have many happy owners that appreciate that Old Dog Cookie Diabetic Treats will not interfere with their dog's diabetes. It makes the insulin injection episode more tolerable. In the 13 years that we have been selling your diabetic cookies, we have never witnessed these cookies interfering with our patient’s diabetes.”  - Kristiane S. Schmidt, DVM, DACVO at Veterinary Ophthalmology Services, Arroyo Grande, CA

"During ophthalmic examinations, my staff and I like to give treats to our patients, but we could not give optimally healthy treats to diabetic dogs until I learned about Old Dog Diabetic Treats. Ever since, I have been stocking these treats. They are palatable and nutritious. I am glad to know that there are now two different sizes of the treats for small and larger dogs."  - Terri L McCalla, DVM, MS, DACVO at Animal Eye Care, Bellingham, WA

“We were immediately interested in the Old Dog Cookie Diabetic treats because we see a large number of dogs yearly with diabetes and cataracts and it is nice to be able to offer them a cookie or treat during the exam to lessen their anxiety. We had been using ordinary dog treats but many of the owners were concerned that even one treat might affect the insulin regulation. We began ordering the diabetic cookies from the Old Dog Cookie Company and stocking them in our exam rooms. We now offer them to our diabetic patients and nearly all our patients take the treat and seem to enjoy it. Our customers are thrilled to know there are treats available that will not affect the insulin regulation.” - Dennis Olivero, DVM, DACVO at Veterinary Ophthalmology Specialty Practice, Minneapolis MN

“We have a high amount of interest from pet owners in the Dog Cookie Company Diabetic treats since we started offering them in exams.  The company now provides us with informational brochures that we offer to our customers. The owners of the Old Dog Cookie have been very good to work with and we have had no problems with ordering or the quality of the product. We even presented the Diabetic Treats as part of a practice talk at a recent South Eastern Veterinary Ophthalmology Meeting so other ophthalmologists can offer them in their exam rooms or for their customers to have at home. I highly recommend this product and company and look forward to working with them on an ongoing basis.” - Dennis Olivero, DVM, DACVO at Veterinary Ophthalmology Specialty Practice, Minneapolis MN

Proper dog nutrition can aid the overall health of aging pets and help alleviate symptoms of arthritis and promote healthy joints. I believe in Old Dog Cookie products and have seen the positive results they have on my aging patients. I recommend them for all my patients." - Joseph Maynard, D.V.M., M.P.H. at Homeport Veterinary Practice, Kennebunkport, ME

"We recently put out the samples for our clients and they have shown great support!  We have the business pamphlets on display as well.  I've received great feedback about the 2 calorie treats, as clients love to spoil their dog with goodies and it is just enough to make them feel special.  Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful product with us."  -Dr. Patrick McCallum at Vision Care for Animals, Palo Alto, CA