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BanditBelow are more services and information regarding canine diabetes, cataracts and living with a blind dog.

We have LOTS of customers in which their dog was diagnosed with diabetes and then later cataracts. We encourage pet owners to be aware of the signs of cataracts in your dog and have included some information below. 

If your dog does develop cataracts surgery might be an option. The following eye clinics have provided our product and information to their canine clients that have diabetic dogs:

Pet Eye Clinic - St. Louis Park, MN

Animal Eye Care – Bellingham, WA

Veterinary Ophthalmology Service – Arroyo Grande, CA

We also have a few stories from clients on living with a dog that has had surgery along with a dog that is blind. If surgery is not an option, which for many it might not be many of our customers tell us that with time, patience and a daily routine both owners and dogs adjust just fine!!


Old Dog Cookie Co. Provides a community for all canine owners but specifically those with diabetic or arthritis dogs.--we are not licensed professionals. Before making any important decisions for treating your diabetic dog, please consult a veterinarian.