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Bulk Diabetic TINY dog treats

Weight: 2 pounds per bag

Old Dog Cookie Company’s Diabetic Dog Treats contain ingredients known to reduce blood sugar.  Fiber and herbs combine to help slow the rate of food metabolism, allowing your dog to better manage its insulin requirements.   The pectin in our applesauce helps boost your dog’s immune system and control blood sugar levels.  It also provides vitamin C, often missing in a dog’s diet.  The dandelion helps to reduce amounts of sugar in the blood.  The squash is a source of vitamin A.  Kelp helps with thyroid function as well as promoting healthy skin and coat. Each ingredient in our Diabetic Treat is there to support a healthier life for your pet. Diabetic pets need regular veterinary care, consistent exercise, and  proper diet to help stabilize insulin requirements.  Old Dog Diabetic Treats can help make caring for your diabetic pet a little easier.  Treats given after insulin shots make this a good experience for both you and your pet.

These dog treats promote wellness by combining herbs and natural ingredients known to regular blood sugar helping your dog better manage insulin requirements. 

*same great ingredients as our regular Diabetic Treats
*new size approx 1”by ½”
*2 calories per treat
*over 900 treats per pkg
*baked hard

Ingredients: Stone ground whole wheat flour, oats, alfalfa, unsweetened applesauce, pumpkin, brewers yeast, kelp, garlic, dandelion root, cider vinegar, water

Nutritional Info

Serving Size: Serve in place of other treats
Protein (Min) 10%, Fat (Min) 1%, Fiber (Max) 7%, Moisture (Max) 20%, Salt (Max) 0.5%


SAVE $14 WHEN YOU ORDER IN BULK.  This is equivalent to $11 (or less) a package including shipping.  (2lbs = (4) 8oz bags)

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