Stronger Together

December 29, 2020

Stronger Together

 As we look forward to 2021 and the promise of again sharing time with family, friends, and community, we would like to “paws” to thank all of those dedicated individuals who have helped bring Old Dog Cookies to you (our customers) and your dog in 2020. Running a small business has challenges, running that same business in 2020…..well let’s just say it took a village! So here’s to our village, the essential workers that show up every day to make the Old Dog Cookie Company possible!
~Our Mail Carriers~

Topping our list has to be our mail carriers! 6 Days a week they are here picking up your orders. They have truly been our front line workers in 2020 and we are grateful for their service! We know that every once in a while an Old Dog order gets delayed in the mail, or delivered to the wrong location, but we are all human and mistakes happen. So the next time you receive your Old Dog package from your UPS or USPS carrier, please thank them for their service this year and let them know your dog thanks them too!

~Our Bakers~
One part of our business that just can’t be done remote is the baking! So we are grateful for our team of bakers and all the precautions they have implemented to keep our cookies coming to you. Our baking team is also responsible for baking, packaging and shipping our 8oz Tiny Diabetic Treats, and 10oz Diabetic Treats and Arthritis Treats to Amazon.

~Marketing and Technology~

Owner, Wendy Durham of Sound Moves Marketing helps us connect with you! Through our holiday promotion, end of year letters, and our website she helps us promote our unique pet diabetic & arthritis treat business. We don’t have a physical store so staying connected with our customers is VERY important.

Working remotely and accessing our systems for Kristen has been a breeze this year!! We are forever thankful for Customized Computer Design for keeping the technology piece of our company running!

~Customer Service~
Speaking of Kristen, if you have called, texted, messaged, or chatted with us from our site, chances are you have spoken with her. Kristen helps process many orders and answers the many questions that come in too! She’s been home working remotely this year with her 3 kids (all of whom are also home) and 2 dogs (Lola and Olive).

In our 2020 list of thanks we also have to mention Amazon. We realize when it comes to arthritis and diabetic treats, it’s one of the first places people go looking. Typically Amazon is your first experience with us and we are thankful for their site. So please if you have purchased from Amazon and your pup likes our treats, please consider giving us a positive review and tell people that Bulk options are available direct on our website. Our Bulk options are there to provide our customers with a savings on our treats.

We are also thankful during our COVID year for our local farmers and US suppliers who have continued to provide us with our all natural ingredients so our bakers can bake our treats.

~Welcome to the Family~

Nothing says joy more than a new puppy and the Old Dog is excited to share with you another 4 legged employee. “Moxie” (another black lab) will take her place in our line of CTT’s (Chief Taste Testers) along with Spirit (13), Olive (10) and Lola (1) .

We are thankful for our village as together we can provide you and your pup the quality products and customer experience you and your best friend deserve. Together we really are stronger!

Wishing you a 2021 filled with good times and amazing dogs!

-Old Dog Cookie Company

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