Comfort and Joy

November 21, 2019

Comfort and Joy

November 18, 2019

Author: Jef Bucknam

In this busy season, take a moment to reflect on the comfort and joy that your pets bring to your home.  Thank them for sharing their love with you.

Every morning Spirit and I walk the beach.  We experience the joy of beautiful sunrises, conversations with friends and a connection with our environment.  Each day brings changes in weather/seasons, surprises (seal sightings or a great blue heron flying by) and the challenges of snow, rain and wind.  It would be easy to skip this ritual but it's healthy for both of us.  Thank you Spirit for taking me on a morning adventure each and every day!

I have always found comfort in sharing my home with a dog.  There are wagging tails to greet me each time I come in the door.  There is a warm (75 pound!!) body curling up ON my feet when reading and a toy dropped in my lap to remind me to "take a break" it's playtime.  Dogs have an ability to ground us in the moment.

We take time over the holidays to give thanks and to remember our pets, past and present for the comfort and joy they have brought to our lives.  We also reward them with a few extra Old Dog Cookies.  Spirit says, "treats equal love."

Wishing you and your families the Comfort and Joy of the season.