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Diabetic and Arthritis Relief TreatsOle Dog Cookie Company, Diabetic and Arthritis Relief Dog Treats
Old Dog Cookie Company
Old Dog Cookie Company
Dog nutrition plays a key role in treating the diabetic dog. In pets, as in people, diabetes is a deficiency of the pancreatic hormone called insulin. Insulin works by transporting sugar out of the blood and into cells where it is used as energy. When the body fails to produce enough insulin, sugar, in the form of glucose, accumulates in the blood. When it reaches a certain level, it passes into urine. Since the chemical properties of sugar attract water, a diabetic dog begins to drink water and urinate excessively. These are often the first signs of diabetes visible to the pet owner.
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Other diabetic symptoms include listlessness, vomiting and poor hair coat. Increased or decreased appetite along with weight loss are also common symptoms in diabetic pets. Photo - dog healthcare, canine healthSome of these symptoms are common to other diseases. Your veterinarian can determine whether diabetes is the underlying reason for your pet's symptoms. Sometimes it's only when illness strikes, that we learn about proper dog nutrition. Providing a healthy diet is the first step in improving you pet's natural defenses and providing a strong foundation for good health. No amount of drugs can correct the underlying problem of poor nutrition. With the older pet, nutrition becomes even more critical. Increasingly, researchers, veterinarians and pet owners are looking to and finding help through nutrition.

OLD DOG COOKIE COMPANY'S Diabetic Cookies contain ingredients known to reduce blood sugar. Fiber and herbs combine to help slow the rate of food metabolism, allowing your dog to manage its insulin requirements better. The brewers yeast in these cookies aids in using blood glucose more effectively. The garlic helps stimulate digestive function. Each ingredient was selected for its nutritive and health benefits. Remember that diabetic pets need regular veterinary care. Consistent exercise and optimum weight maintenance also decrease your pets insulin needs. You will find approximately 40 cookies in each package.

Diabetic Cookies
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Old Dog Cookie Company
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