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Wells Company Helps Older Dogs!
Old Dog Cookie Company, Inc
Like America's human population, dogs are living longer and susceptible to arthritis, joint stiffness, over weight and diabetes. The OLD DOG COOKIE COMPANY,INC. is a "Made in Maine" business that offers all natural, human grade Arthritis Relief and Diabetic Dog Cookies. Each recipe is carefully formulated with the best ingredients and herbs known to promote better health and wellness in adult dogs. Herbs have been used successfully for centuries to treat injury and diseases in animals.  The therapeutic value of plants is well documented and that is why our products combine the gentle healing properties of herbs with foods rich in vitamins and minerals. 
 The company started in 1996, when our then 8 year old black Lab, Jetty, started developing signs of arthritis. Taking long walks, playing ball and climbing stairs were becoming more difficult.  Jetty was the inspiration for creating a better more healthy dog treat. When purchasing commercial dog treats we noticed that the list of ingredients always seems to contain chemicals, additives and ingredients we could not pronounce! These ingredients sounded neither good nor healthy. Jef Bucknam, founder of OLD DOG COOKIE COMPANY had used natural and herbal remedies for her horses and decided to look into healthy options for her dog. She took classes on herbal medicines and collected research on the subject.   Her knowledge was soon put to work in our kitchen making treats for Jetty. She selected herbs and other natural ingredients known to alleviate the pain of arthritis - and incorporated them into her dog cookie recipe. In addition, she consulted with her veterinarian and a professor at the Cornell Veterinary School. 
After, months of mixing and testing, a recipe was created. Each ingredient was chosen for its health benefit in aiding to support bone and connective tissue, support good adrenal function and increase the production of cortisone for sound joints.  The cookies are also high in protein, vitamins and fiber, and promote a healthy skin and coat. Initially Jef made these treats only for Jetty.  Based on the improvements we saw in her and with our veterinarianís encouragement, she started making cookies for his veterinary practice. One box of cookies led to another and before long we were in pet stores and on the Internet.  That was the beginning of OLD DOG COOKIE COMPANY.  We now help older dogs all across the United States. 
After being in business a couple of years our friend at Cornell mentioned that there were no treats for Diabetic dogs and suggested we make a cookie just for them. Jef went through a similar recipe development process and introduced the Diabetic Dog Cookie in 1998. Again, all the ingredients are natural, herbal based with many of the ingredients organic. They all help the body's immune system; help to regulate blood sugar allowing a dog to better manage its insulin requirements. As fate would have it, four years ago our dog contracted lymes disease and developed diabetes. Luckily, her mom was already making the Diabetic Dog Cookies so there was a treat to look forward to following each insulin shot.
The Old Dog Cookie Company quickly developed momentum with a strong and loyal customer base.  One unique quality about OLD DOG COOKIE COMPANY, is the time Jef takes getting to know her customers and answering their questions.  This has helped us keep our customers and grow over the years. 
Most importantly, customers approve of the ingredients in our products and the results they see in their dogs. We have thousands of satisfied customers that have seen a noticeable improvement in their dogs after being on our Arthritis Relief Cookies. Here is what one of our client's had to say, 

"Dear Old Dog Cookie Company,
We're on our second container of Arthritis Relief Cookies and our old dog Rowdy loves the treats. He is once again getting up at 5:30 AM for an hour walk. So Thanks (we think) to you and Drakes Island Jetty."   Dale & Peter, NYC, NY

You can learn more about our products and what our customers say by visiting our website; Our products can be purchased locally at Reigning Cats and Dogs pet stores in Kennebunk and Wells.
Jef Bucknam
Wells, Maine

Published in "Making It At Home," October 6, 2004.
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