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Diabetic and Arthritis Relief TreatsOle Dog Cookie Company, Diabetic and Arthritis Relief Dog Treats
Old Dog Cookie Company
Old Dog Cookie Company
Photo - dog biscuits, holistic dog cookiesThe problems associated with arthritis are common to geriatric dogs but are not exclusive to the older pet. Some pets are predisposed to arthritis through breeding and other factors such as weight or joint stress. One out of five adult dogs have some form of arthritis. This may be the result of hip or elbow dysplasia, trauma or osteochondrosis, a disease in rapidly growing large young dogs. This pain associated with arthritis can be debilitating and cause significant loss in range of motion. Your pet ages at a rate of five to seven years for every one of yours. This suggests that health problems can progress five to seven times faster for your pet. 

Telltale signs of arthritis are stiffness following normal play and exercise, reluctance to jump or climb stairs, taking longer to fetch a favorite toy.With appropriate veterinary care and good nutrition, you pet's senior years can be healthy and happy. You know your pet better than anyone else does, he relies on you to provide for his changing health needs. Providing continuing veterinary care, good nutrition and love are priceless gifts that you can give to make these special years for your pet.


OLD DOG COOKIE COMPANY developed these Arthritis Relief Cookies when our dog 'Jetty' developed signs of arthritis. Taking long walks, playing ball and climbing stairs were causing discomfort. By supplementing her diet with cookies containing herbs, vitamins, minerals and essential elements known to build strong joints and relieve inflammation, Jetty was her playful self again. Alfalfa and cod liver oil are used to reduce the discomforts of arthritis. Proper amounts of Vitamin C are necessary for good adrenal function, without them Jetty couldn't make enough cortisone, resulting in arthritic symptoms. That's why pure applesauce is in our cookies. We also add honey to our Arthritis Relief cookies to promote energy and healing. Honey is a natural antiseptic. Because Honey is added, we do not recommend our Arthritis  Relief Cookies for diabetic dogs. You will find approximately 40 cookies in each package. 

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Old Dog Cookie Company
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