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Diabetic and Arthritis Relief TreatsOle Dog Cookie Company, Diabetic and Arthritis Relief Dog Treats
Old Dog Cookie Company
Old Dog Cookie Company
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Arthritis Cookies - dog products, dog lamenessDiabetic Cookies - dog products, dog lameness
The OLD DOG COOKIE COMPANY believes in the dog products that it sells.
With knowledgeable care and good nutrition, your pet's senior years can be a healthy and happy time. You are the key to making this happen. You know your pet better than anyone, so it is up to you to report any changes and concerns to your dog's health care team. Your pet ages from 5 to 7 years for every one of yours and you dog's health problems can progress 5 to 7 times faster.

Maybe you have noticed that your pet takes longer to fetch a toy or is drinking more water. Perhaps he's losing or gaining weight, is sleeping more than normal, or has poor skin coat condition. This may seem like normal aging but it could indicate a medical problem that needs attention. 

Dietary needs change with aging. Reduced activity means fewer calories. Lower levels of sodium and phosphorous are required to maintain healthy kidneys, heart and urinary systems. Older dogs often benefit from additional vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids in their diet.

The OLD DOG COOKIE COMPANY believes that a diet rich in simple foods promotes good health and contributes to your pet's abilities to fight disease and injury. Herbs have been used successfully for centuries to treat injury and disease in animals. In the wild, animals instinctively seek out herbs when they are sick or injured. The therapeutic value of these plants is well documented. Herbs can be tonics, strengthening tissues in specific areas of the body and they can also detoxify and cleanse the body. Many herbs are highly nutritious, providing essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to your pet's diet. 

Our products combine the gentle healing properties of herbs with foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Each recipe is carefully formulated to improve the health of your pet, and our cookies taste good too! Supplementing your dog's diet with OLD DOG COOKIES is one way to reward your best friend and also improve the quality of his health.

Most commercial dog biscuits contain additives, chemicals, dyes, and by products. Our dog deserves better and so does yours. That's the real difference between our products and other pet treats. Order some today.

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Dedicated to the health of your best friend - dog biscuits, holistic dog cookies

Old Dog Cookie Company
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