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Oreo's Story
by Suzie, Janesville, WI

You guys are the best!  Yes love the new shape of the biscuit!  Oreo in the beginning did not like the cookies, but in time, he has learned to love him.  He had been use to eating the higher sugared treats then got suddenly switched to these so yes, it was a big change for him.  Thanks again for making me and Oreo feel special!

(Thanks for the kind comments!  So some people will tell us their dog did not like the cookies either.  We have tried to explain that in the beginning it is a big change for dog/owner and with some dogs it may take a little time to adjust to their new diet/treats ,as with a person who maybe can’t have a certain food any longer.  Again, sometimes it’s helpful to others to know that given some time their dog may/will adjust.- Old Dog Cookie Company)


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